©1997 by Charles Keegan

Wildcat is an unpublished piece, but it has proven to be a favorite with fans since it was first shown at the Dragon*Con Art Show in Atlanta in 1997.

The painting was chosen for inclusion in Spectrum 5: the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (Underwood Books, 1998).

Wildcat (oil on canvas, 20" x 30") began as a study of a girl with a spear.   But I wasn't pleased with it because the figure was too vertical .As  I added more diagonal lean to the girl it was obvious that  the spear wasn't working, so I made it a vine (so she could pull against it).  The design needed opposing weight on her right, so I added a wolf which eventually morphed into a primordial cat/tiger thing. And I thought , "Oh no! Another girl  and cat."  I've seen dozens of girl and cat paintings from the pulp era through the sixties and beyond.  But I decided to show it anyway and found much to my surprise not only did guys like it - women liked it as well.  It was a painting that was just fun to do.



16" x 24",   $10

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