Collectable Card Art
by Charles Keegan

Deadlands: Doomtown

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Deadlands Logo Deadlands: Doomtown

  • Run, You Coward     rare
  • Boxing Match     common
  • Shotgun Wedding     rare
  • Headless Horseman     common
  • Auto-Incendiary Bullets     common

Reaping of Souls

  • Ely Parker     common
  • Mae Parker     common

Mouth of Hell

  • Stitchin'     uncommon
  • The Spirits Flee     rare
  • Exp. Flim     rare
  • Redbrook     common

Pine Box Edition

  • Exp. "Buckets" Nelson

Episode 9 : The Flock

  • Flam     common
  • Flim     common

Episode 3 : Sweetrock

  • Rooftop Sniper     common
  • Ambush     common     [re-issued for Mouth of Hell]
  • Get a Rope     rare

Episodes 1-2

  • Just a Graze     common      [re-issued for Episodes 4-6 & 7-9]
  • Out of Ammo     rare     [re-issued for Mouth of Hell]
  • Scalpin'     rare
  • And Stay Down!     rare


Just a graze Redbrook
"Buckets" Nelson Stitchin'
And stay down! Flim
Flam Scalpin'

Deadlands copyright 1996-1999 Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Five Rings Publishing Group authorized user



Spellfire Card Game Lareth, King of Justice

Forgotten Realms

  • Lareth, King of Justice
  • The Mist Caves
  • Pelath the Bronze Dragon
  • Rauglothgor's Lair

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

  • Dark Depths
  • Council of Wyrms
  • Lair of the Shadowdrake
  • Blessing of Zorquan

Greyhawk Adventures

  • The Mist Marsh


Council of Wyrms

Spellfire copyright 1996 TSR, Inc.

Collectable Card Art
by Charles Keegan


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