An Appreciation...


The following is a good-natured, tongue-in-cheek appreciation written by a good friend
for the convention program of ConStellation XVIII: Lupus (Oct. 29-31, 1999), at which Charles was Artist Guest of Honor.



Charles Keegan : Wild (Haired) Man with a Brush

By Hank Reinhardt


     I met Charles many years ago when he came up to Museum Replicas’ office to do some illustrations for our catalog. I was immediately taken with his artwork, as it reminded me of my favorite Roy Krenkel, with a dash of Frazetta (not surprising, since Frazetta studied with Krenkel, and Charles really likes Krenkel and Frazetta…). Over a period of time, Charles’ work has improved tremendously and I like it more and more. He does have one problem as most of his heros have entirely too much hair. Now, if he or his heros wish to waste their hormones on hair, that’s their prerogative. I, personally, have much better things to do with mine. His, of course, would really look good on the head of a lance….

     I have discussed this with him, but he had a negative attitude. I think this is selfish, as I did not want the whole scalp, but merely a five-inch square section. These youngsters today are so inconsiderate! However, should an accident occur….

[To completely appreciate the above inside joke, you need to know that Hank is completely bald and Charles has a beautiful head of dark, curly hair which falls to halfway down his back.....Heather]

     A few years ago I was asked to choreograph a duel with sword and shield for the Discovery Channel. I immediately thought of two people who were both quite ugly, and would look good fighting: Charles and Paul (I thought my own delicate beauty would provide an interesting contrast on screen). My choice was excellent, as they produced a really superb fight. Unfortunately, their features were such that they could only show them occasionally, as this was a family show. However, they did show much of mine.

     Charles has since spent time sparring with me and my friends, fighting with sword and dagger, sword and shield, and knife. All of us, of course, are quite considerate and try not to hit his hands and damage them. We have no problems hitting him in the face, because you certainly couldn’t damage that anymore.

     I feel it only fair that I should mention the delightful Heather. This is a woman of amazing endurance and fortitude. She listens with a quiet smile on her face, while Charles expounds at length on various subjects. It was only after seeing her several times that I noted the earplugs. I have fervently preached to Charles to not get her glasses, as they make a nice couple and I don’t want her to see what he really looks like.

     But in regards to his artwork, I personally think he is one of the best out there today. And for the artistic depiction of mayhem, like I prefer, featuring bloody sword and axe, he is the best. I would have asked him about the location of some of his female models, but Toni wouldn’t let me. I wisely did not pursue the subject, lest he get a new model for a victim of bloody sword and axe, namely me.

     I look forward to a much longer association with Charles, as I really enjoy his company and his artwork. His artwork is so good that I even put up with his talk! But I will tell one tale on him. We were lopping down saplings that I wanted to clear from my backyard. I found a particularly large one and handed Charles a sword forged by a very close friend. Charles thought the tree was too big and that it would damage the sword. But I assured him that Jimmy Fikes greatly desired for his swords to be damaged. Whereupon he delivered a mighty blow and cut the sapling completely in half. The look on his face was shocked surprise and sheer delight and a certain amount of gleeful laughter as the sapling hit me in the head. Such is the lot of revered mentors.




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